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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When was High Performance Heroes® (HPH) founded?
    HPH was started in 2011 and received our 501(c)3 status in 2013 from the IRS.
  • How was the organization founded and by whom?
    Dave Thomas started the charity in September 2011 after meeting combat-wounded veteran Liam Dwyer at VIRginia International Raceway in Alton, Virginia during a vintage race. Liam was still in a wheel chair, having surgeries, living at Bethesda Military Hospital and going through rehabilitation, but was very interested in Dave's vintage car. Dave told Liam that if he was interested in racing that he could modify a vintage race car so that Liam could race, Liam said yes and that was the spark that the ignited Dave's passion to start High Performance Heroes.
  • Is High Performance Heroes® a legitimate charity?
    Yes! High Performance Heroes was granted tax-exempt status by the Internal Revenue Service functioning as a charity under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations to the organization are deductible as charitable contributions.
  • Where is HPH located? Do you have a location near me?
    We're a national organization focused in WV, VA, PA, and OH but we do offer services to combat-wounded veterans throughout the nation, regardless of whether HPH teammates are in your area.
  • Who does High Performance Heroes® serve?
    The HPH mission is to help combat-wounded veterans who incurred a physical or mental injury, illnesses, or wound, co-incident to military service reach their motorsports goals.
  • Why don't you offer services to ALL veterans?
    HPH began as a small effort to provide combat-wounded veterans an oppertunity to race vintage race cars in a wheel to wheel environment. We felt we could do the most good by providing more comprehensive racing experience to the combat-wounded veterans, rather than spread ourselves too thin by trying to help all veterans. We also knew there were many terrific veterans' organizations, but none focused on vintage racing.
  • I'm a combat-wounded veteran. How can I join or get involved?
    Sign up online. It's free to join. Throughout the year, we attend a wide range of events, races and activities around the country designed just to meet possible new team members. These activities include sporting events, educational sessions, and social events that give individuals a chance to spend time with other combat-wounded service members.
  • How can I help combat-wounded veterans and HPH members?
    There are so many different ways to get involved and make a difference! Here are a few ideas: Volunteer. Call or email HPH about volunteer opportunities colse to you. Advocate for combat-wounded service members. Call or write your congressional representatives or senators and urge them to make combat-wounded veterans a legislative priority. Keep your ears open, too, on the HPH Facebook page for opportunities to support HPH. Help raise awareness. Even the simplest efforts can make a difference. Help spread the word about the needs of combat-wounded service members and the work of HPH in your home community. If you know an combat-wounded veteran who might be interested in HPH's team, urge them to get involved – it's free! Consider a financial gift. If you're in a position to do so, financial contributions are always greatly appreciated. Perhaps you might even host a fundraising event with your friends to benefit our combat-wounded veterans! Honor service members. If you know a service member, thank them for their service and sacrifices. These small gestures mean so much! Wear the HPH logo. You can show your support for HPH by wearing apparel. Items can be ordered online through our website.
  • Other than vintage racing, what type of services do you provide?"
    HPH provides more than just racing to combat-wounded veterans. We also provide a friendly, safe environment for our veterans to reintigrated into a social environment. We provide our combat-wounded veteran's families oppertunities to enjoy special time together.
  • I would like to receive HPH updates and news. How can I receive these communications?
    Anyone can sign up to join our email list through our online subscription form. You'll receive the latest news about injured service members plus our monthly e-newsletter.
  • I would like to know more about HPH's financial statements. Where can I find this information?
    Take a moment to look at our financials and browse through our annual reports to see the numbers and hear good things that are happening through HPH.
  • Can you send me a list of HPH veterans in my area so I can help them?
    We cannot release names and contact information due to privacy concerns.
  • Does HPH have any events in my area?
    Combat-Wounded veterans – register with HPH and you will receive email communications about upcoming events in your area. Supporters – Check the HPH events Calendar and Facebook Page for updates and events
  • Can I start a HPH branch in my area?
    HPH is not organized around branches or chapters. If you'd like to get involved in your area, we suggest finding an existing Supporter event in your area or hosting one of your own!
  • I don't support (the war / a certain politician / a national policy / etc.). Why should I get involved with HPH?
    HPH is a non-partisan organization, and we don't take a stance on the war. We believe that regardless of your politics or beliefs, the men and women in our nation's military have made tremendous personal sacrifices on our behalf, and deserve our respect and any assistance we can provide. It's about the Combat-Wounded Veteran, not the WAR.
  • What percentage of my donation goes directly to HPH Veterans?
    100 percent of your donation supports HPH combat-wounded veterans reach their motor sports goals.
  • I'd like to sign up for a monthly gift, how do I do this?"
    HPH's monthly giving program is able to be signed up for online. This program provides HPH with a reliable, low-cost source of long-term income. Simply fill out our online donation form or download a copy and mail it in today.
  • Can I make donations to a particular veteran or towards a particular event?
    Unfortunately, HPH cannot direct funds to a specific individual, but if we are able to raise enough to attend a certain event we will attend.
  • I would rather mail a check. To whom do I make it out and where do I send it?
    Please download and fill out our donation form, make your check payable to High Performance Hereos® and mail to: High Performance Heroes PO BOX 1155 Clarksburg, WV 26302
  • Can I make a donation in memory or honor of a loved one who has passed away?
    Donations made in honor of a loved one are always welcome. If you wish to make a memorial or honorary donation online, please use our online form. If you wish to mail in your memorial or honorary donation, please be sure to download and fill out a donation form to include with your check. When making a memorial donation to HPH, please make your check payable to High Performance Heroes®. If posting our address for an obituary requesting donations be sent to HPH in lieu of flowers, please use the following contact information: High Performance Heroes PO BOX 1155 Clarksburg, WV 26302
  • Will the honoree or their family receive a letter notifying them of my donation?
    High Performance Heroes® can notify the family or individual of your gift if the name and address of the honoree is provided. You may enter this information on the bottom of our online and downloadable donation forms.
  • Is the donation amount stated in the letter received by the honoree?
    No, we do not state the donation amount unless specifically requested by the donor.
  • When will I receive a receipt for my contribution?
    Receipts should be received by the donor 4-6 weeks after the donation is made.
  • When will I receive a tax letter summarizing all my donations for the year?
    Tax receipts are sent in January and February of the following year. For example, a 2017 tax receipt will be sent to the donor in January or February of 2018.
  • I wish to mention High Performance Heroes® in my will. How can I do this?
    Read through our information on giving and then contact us at 804.586.8092. We will provide you with additional information you need to consider when making this decision.
  • I would like to donate my home or other real property to HPH. How can I do this?
    HPH does not currently accept these types of donations. The donation of such items raises significant practical and legal concerns, depending upon the circumstances. Please contact our office directly via and we can assess the situation on an individual basis.
  • How do I submit a matching gift form from my company to High Performance Heroes®?
    Many companies offer matching gift programs that will double, even triple a donation's value. Even more, your company may also match gifts from spouses, retirees, and board members. Each gift will help foster the most successful, well-adjusted generation of combat-wounded veterans. For full details on company matching gifts please contact us directly at
  • Can I donate items as gift in kind?
    Please note that your donation must be given to HPH, and may not be directed to any specific combat-wounded veteran. Please also be aware of donations that we are unable to accept at this time: care packages, service animals, heavy exercise equipment/machinery, and medical supplies, including wheelchairs, prosthetics, and hospital beds. If you would like to donate one of these items, please call your local veteran's hospital for contact information on other veteran service nonprofit organizations that may be able to accept these donated items.
  • How can I fundraise for High Performance Heroes® (HPH)?
    It’s simple! Choose your fundraising type. Contact us via email to discuss the options
  • What type of fundraiser can I do?
    You can do mostly anything you can think of! We enjoy seeing all types of creative ideas from our supporters! We have seen car shows, car crusies, auctions and more that have been turned into fundraisers. We are not able to support fundraisers that are sexual or political in nature, based on cause marketing campaigns or promotions (percent/portion of proceeds/sales), alcohol or drug based, or soliciting donations.
  • How can my school/class/club fundraise for HPH?
    If you are a student, school advisor or staff member and would like to get involved with raising funds and awareness for HPH through your school, athletic team, or as an individual, we invite you to contact us to discuss what options you have. You will be able to make your final donation via Pay Pal or check
  • How can I fundraise if I am participating in an existing athletic event or competition?
    Raise funds and awareness for HPH by participating in a local 5K, marathon, triathlon, sporting tournament, workout competition, or by setting your own endurance goal. You will receive a special one time HPH t-shirt once you reach a $500 fundraising goal.
  • Can I donate a portion or percent of proceeds or sales?
    HPH is unable to approve a fundraiser that promotes that a “percentage” or “portion” of “proceeds” or “sales” will be given to HPH, as this type of effort relates to cause marketing and is highly regulated. On your application, please state that your fundraiser will be “benefiting High Performance Heroes” or “a donation will be made to High Performance Heroes,” rather than promoting a percentage or portion of proceeds or sales. You can even ask a “suggested donation”.
  • What fundraisers are happening in my area?
    Please refer to our High Performance Heroes News page to see upcoming fundraisers in your area.
  • Do I need to register my fundraiser each year with HPH?
    Yes – If you are planning to have your fundraiser as an annual event, we ask you to re-register each year, simply be speaking to a current team member. Also, if you choose to host a new or additional fundraiser, we ask you to register that separately. This way, we can issue you a specific Fundraiser ID so that we can properly track and thank you for your fundraising efforts!
  • Do you provide promotional items for fundraisers?
    In an effort to ensure the highest percentage of each dollar you raise goes directly towards our combat-wounded veterans, we have created online, resources for you to utilize for your fundraising. These are available to registered fundraisers.
  • Can I use the HPH logo to advertise my fundraiser?
    Registered fundraisers are allowed exclusive access to the HPH Supporter logo and word mark. Before placing the logo on any materials, items or apparel, be sure to get approval from HPH.
  • Can HPH issue a receipt for goods or services donated to my fundraiser?
    HPH cannot issue tax receipts for the value of an individual's time, goods or services donated to your fundraiser, as these items are not deductible under federal tax law and therefore are not eligible for a tax receipt. We can only acknowledge checks written to High Performance Heroes directly.
  • Can HPH issue a receipt for my fundraiser’s sponsors?
    HPH cannot issue tax receipts for your fundraiser’s sponsors, nor can HPH accept sponsor funds and funnel those funds back to the fundraiser organizer.
  • Can HPH refund or reimburse me for some of my fundraising expenses?
    HPH cannot refund or reimburse any expenses related to third party fundraising efforts.
  • I want to keep my funds local. How do I do this?
    While HPH truly values your interest, we are unable to allocate funds to a specific geographic region. To meet the ever-changing needs of our combat-wounded veterans, we place all gifts into a general fund. This allows us to use these gifts where they can have the greatest impact and are the most effective way to support our entire racing team.
  • Can HPH send a representative to my event?
    We would be happy to see if someone is available to attend your fundraiser. Once your fundraiser is registered, please email and we will contact you. Please note: HPH is a national charity based out of Clarksvile, WV, not a chapter-based organization. HPH team members priority is to provide support that makes a difference to our combat-wounded veterans. We cannot guarantee HPH representation at every fundraiser and recommend utilizing amazing, impactful videos that can be found on YouTube.
  • Can HPH provide me with a list of local combat-wounded veterans?
    HPH is unable to provide lists of our veterans and family members due to protection of privacy.
  • How can I volunteer at a fundraising event?
    For volunteer opportunities at registered fundraisers in your area, please contact HPH, and we will locate a fundraiser in your area and contact the fundraiser organizer to inquire about volunteer needs. Please note: These volunteer opportunities are with third party fundraisers, not directly with HPH. We are unable to provide documentation for community service hours.
  • May I contact HPH’s corporate sponsors to help with my fundraiser?
    We kindly ask that you do not reach out to our corporate sponsors to donate to your fundraiser. Each of our partners are already making significant contributions directly to our organization and the combat-wounded veterans involved in HPH
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